Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

The Wonder on the Other Side of Waiting


  1. Living Faithfully – A Lesson in Parenting Effectively
  2. Living Expectantly – A Lesson in Wondrous Waiting
  3. Living Intimately – A Lesson in Relating with God
  4. Living Obediently – A Lesson in Finishing Well

Questions to Stir Discussion:

Someone once said, “Life is about waiting.” That’s a deep thought, so think about that and then react.

What are you really looking for in life?

It is interesting that though the Temple was filled with priests and devout followers only, two older people, Simeon and Anna, were open to and made aware of the Christ Child’s coming. This is another tough question—think about your life … are you open to God making His will and working know to you? What’s more, if He could make known his working or will to you, how would you react? Would you join Him? Would you tell others? Or would you continue your life, unabated?

Anna was a woman who prayed for her nation and God’s will to occur. If you boiled down you prayer pursuits, are they mainly about you, or are they about God and others?