Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

Learning from Mary: Making Room for God


  1. Clearing a Stuffed Calendar
  2. Dwelling on God’s Word
  3. Focusing on Joy
  4. Surrendering Ourselves to Christmas

Questions to Stir Discussion:

God is always trying to speak to us and use us, after all we are His beloved children, and His hands, heart, and voice to others. With that in mind, how has God interrupted
you lately? Did you know it was Him right away, or did you figure that out in hindsight?

Mary took a very trying time in her life, and made it a joyful time .Joy is different that happiness. Happiness is based on what happens to us. Joy is not based on circumstances,
but comes from within us. With that in mind, how do you, like Mary, go about seeking/experiencing joy in spite of a bad day, bad event, or bad season in your life?

Mary submitted to God’s plan, and she literally felt God grow inside of her. As you submit to God, how do you see and feel God growing inside of you? (Guys, this is a tough one, but TRY it anyway!)