Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

Joining in What God’s Already Doing


  1. Doors of Opportunity
  2. Jesus Teaches Us How to See People
  3. Our Call to Continue Jesus’ Ministry of Righting, Reconnecting, and Reconciling People to God
  4. We Need to ReConnect with Lost and Needy People

Sermon Questions to Stir Discussion:

If God is alive and always at work then what gets in the way or keeps you from seeing what God’s doing around you?

What part of Jesus’ command, “Go and make disciples” is the hardest for you to understand … and hard to do?. Are they things like trusting …leaving … going … meeting … doing … not knowing … please explain …

How often do you see people not for what they are, but what they could be if God could get ahold of them? How would seeing their potential change your perspective?

Do you think of faith as a safe place … an exciting adventure … the greatest personal gift … an insurance policy for tomorrow … something private or something very public and upbeat?
Why do you say this?

How often are you willing to leave what is comfortable, and then walk across the room to meet someone you feel God wants you to meet? How long would you meet with a person before you would give up sharing the Gospel with them?