Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

Investing in Others – Helping Others Help Themselves

Key Points:

  1. Recognizing We are All God’s Children
  2. The Strategy is to Empower no matter what the Hour
  3. Mentoring Matters
  4. Considering the Plight of the Material Poor

Questions to Stir Discussion:

What does the Bible say about work?

In the story of the Prodigal Son, what boundaries do you see the father erecting for self-protecting? What are some wise boundaries to have when working with the poor?

In the Bible, Paul says  “one who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.” How does that push back on some of our programming and assistance with the material poor? How do we make the materially
poor players, partners, and participants in their own recovery?

How do freebies hurt people, rather than helping them?

Why do you think God wants us to be independent and interdependent?