Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

Christmas Joy


Luke 1:26-55 (NET)

Key Points:

  1. Handling Divine Surprises
  2. Honing in on Mary’s Joyfully Housing the Savior
  3. Hearing God’s Joy-filled Surround Sound
  4. Humbly Managing our Shadow Mission

Questions to Stir Discussion:

What were you doing when you were 14? We believe based on the word used in the Greek to describe Mary, that she was about 14 years at the time… How does that shed a new light on the text and the happenings surrounding Mary?

Mary had a plan and a future that was radically different than the one God had in mind for her. Of course, Mary’s initial struggle didn’t end to go God’s way, didn’t end with her initial submission to be Jesus’ earthly mom. She would make tens of thousands of decisions to do that along the way. Often she surrendered to God’s will, other times she did not (we actually see Mary having an agenda clash in Scripture. Mary had a Shadow Mission that pulled her off God’s plan occasionally. If you were to name your Shadow Mission, the thing or thinking that pulls you off God’s agenda, what would it be?

Could it be: Getting attention? Money in the bank? Getting your way? Having people like you? The Latin name for Mary is Theotokos – mother of God. This Christmas, how could you carry and bear God more in your life? What’s more, how could you birth God, make God more manifest in your world, let alone our world?