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"Fire" Tagged Sermons

Stoking the Fire

Key Points: 1. Implanting the Fire 2. Extinguishing the Fire 3. Withstanding the Fire 4. Fueling the Fire Sermon questions to stir discussion:  This sermon is drawn from 1 Thessalonians 5:15b-21 (NLT) When and how do you sense God’s Spirit stirring, leading, or calling you to act? More times than not, do you follow the Spirit’s prompting/working or do you ignore it?…

Ig-‘Knighted’ & Aflame

Key Points: 1. Fire Arrest 2. Fire Mess 3. Fire Rest 4. Fire Attest   Sermon Questions to Stir Discussion: This sermon is drawn from the story of Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego in Daniel 3. Do you have a pre-determined plan for how you will live out your faith? If you had been one of the three Amigos in the story, would…

Eternal Fire

  Key Points: 1. Hell’s Imagery – What is Hell? 2. Hell’s Necessity 3. Hell’s Harbinger of Hope Sermon Questions to Stir Discussion: Describe what life would be like without God. (Remember God is truth, life, grace, and everything good) Why do people tend to believe in heaven, but not in hell? Can there be heaven without hell?  

Campfire Commissioning

Key Points: 1.Failed Peter 2.Fueling Two Memories 3.Forgiving Savior 4.Follow Me Sermon Questions to Stir Discussion:: How do you handle failure? When has Jesus appeared on the shore of your life? How did you feel knowing that He was there? God forgives everyone in Jesus Christ. Then why is it so hard to forgive ourselves? In reading the story found in John…