Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

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Campfire Commissioning

Key Points: 1.Failed Peter 2.Fueling Two Memories 3.Forgiving Savior 4.Follow Me Sermon Questions to Stir Discussion:: How do you handle failure? When has Jesus appeared on the shore of your life? How did you feel knowing that He was there? God forgives everyone in Jesus Christ. Then why is it so hard to forgive ourselves?…


Key Points: 1. Heart Churn 2. Heart Concern 3. Heart Discern 4. Heart Burn 5. Heart Turn Sermon Questions to stir discussion:                                                                  …

“Personalizing Easter” – Mark 16:1-6 sel; John 20:11-28 sel (NIV) Key Points: EASTER IS … The Power to Transform Barriers Into Blessings The Power to Transform Grief Into Great Joy The Power to Transform Fear Into Courageous Faith The Power to Transform Doubt Into Certainty