Following Jesus in Loving People so People Will Fall in Love with Jesus.

Jean Schwabe

A Valentine’s Day baby, an Air Force “brat” who didn’t do any of the glamorous traveling associated with that status, and hailing from Washington State, that’s part of who I uniquely am. My big adventure was moving to Denver, Colorado to pursue a graduate degree in Library and Information Management from the University of Denver. I moved to Kansas City in August 1979 to be the Catalog Librarian at Nazarene Theological Seminary and met my husband, Reynold, a month later. We have been married 33 years. Ironically he hails from the western side of Washington State and me from the eastern side… two folks from the Pacific Northwest who found each other in of all places – Missouri. We have two children: a daughter, Joanna, who is waiting for us in heaven, and son, Nathan, who is married to Phoebe and has provided us with five “grand” cats. We are waiting on the grandchildren! I love to read, listen to the tunes of Daughtry, Josh Groban, and Chris Tomlin among others, watch “Dancing with the Stars,” “So You Think You Can Dance,” “American Idol,” and “NCIS” (love the character, Abby!!!). I am an avid NASCAR race fan! I celebrated being a seven-year cancer survivor last September. I first came to Pointe of Hope in October of 2005 after my church of 20-some years closed. God led me on an unique “wilderness” journey during that time as He gave me new eyes to see how it felt to be looking for a church. I had pretty much decided by January 2006 that God was calling us to make a home at Pointe of Hope (Reynold on the other hand thought he was still looking!) Pastor Brian will tell you I prayed myself into Pointe of Hope and the job as Office Manager/Pastoral Assistant. This is the first job in my life I have had a real passion for. The Lord has grown me in amazing ways and convinced me that librarians don’t only work in libraries! He has also has grown me in using the amazing gift of prayer! It is my utmost joy that the Lord chose to have me serve Him here at Pointe of Hope for such an exciting time as this!

Here at Pointe of Hope, I bring a sense of order and organization to the office as well as to all the church detail management keeping an up-to-date scheduling calendar of all meetings and events inside and outside the church. Since prayer is one of my passions, I oversee the Prayer Ministry here as well. Most importantly, though, I keep the candy bowl in the office always full of sweet treats.